Approx. Rs 1 Lakh / Number

Technologically incorporated Dryers are superlatively used in food, agro, pharmaceutical, ceramics and chemical industries for drying liquid solutions, slurry, emulsions, and suspensions. This dryer range is sturdily and prudently developed from best grade materials and technologies to make it applicable for excellent drying wet particles. These products are highly preferred for their unique attributes such as instant powder production, no sticking, superior heat resistant, minimize deposits, excellent drying of solutions & pastes, better residence time and superior control over fluidization. The dryers are superiorly used for producing salt, fruit pellets, milk powder, polymer, dyes, resins and various other products.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

Approx. Rs 2.5 Lakh / Unit

Fluid bed drier float on a cushion of air or gas. The process air is supplied to the bed through a perforated distributor plate and flows through the bed of solids at a sufficient velocity to support the weight of particles in a fluidized state.

The design of the distributor plate ensures that the fluidizing gas is evenly distributed across the area of the bed. The gas velocity is such that only the very fine material fraction is carried over to the dust collection equipment. A high turndown ratio of production capacity is possible and fluctuations of the feed rate are easily absorbed. In most cases, there are no moving parts in contact with the product.

Design variations include:

Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / onwards

The Spray Dryers are technologically designed for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and various others industries for adapting powder, agglomerates, and granules from liquid solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and slurry. Our offered dryers are developed from best grade materials and sophisticated techniques along with the integration of automatic CIP system and automatic air flushing systems. These sprays are incorporated with most advanced techniques ensuring excellent control on product factors including particle size, flow ability, dispersion, bulk density, and moisture.

Durable operational time between cleaning

Minimal dusting at the time of drying operation due to negative pressure

Hygienic construction

Low noise generation

Impeccably evaporate liquid content making most of the hot air

Remote nozzle change over with steam




Food products


Instant Tea

Instant Coffee

Ice Cream Mix Powder

Bakers Yeast

UF Resin

Fruit Juice Powder



Herbal Extraction

Spin Flash Dryers

Spin Flash Dryers

Approx. Rs 5 Lakh / Unit

Incorporated with sophisticated techniques, our quality assortment of Spin Flash Dryers is superlatively used utilized at industrial level to dry products such as paste, slurry, and cake which are typical to be dried. These dryers are developed in compacted design by employing cutting edge techniques to ensure precise material feeding by means of screw feeder at variable speed into vertical drying chamber for heating up the material by hot air. According to the application, the dryer performs direct and indirect heating of the air.

Accomplished with bag filter and cyclone separator for collecting dry powder

Free from deposits

Operate under negative pressure ensuring dust-free operation

Superiorly dry cohesive and non-cohesive pastes, cakes and highly viscous products

Chemical and thermal resistant

No sticking and accumulation

Equipped with top suction fan or ID fan to passage out the air

Control the feed discharge at variable speed by means of feed screw


Food items

DCP gluten

Bleach clay


Agro chemicals

Organic chemicals



Organic salt

Sugar Factory

Pigments & Dyestuffs

Dye and dye intermediates

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